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Charity number: 1156255      Contact: nifoundation@mail.com

New Inspiration Foundation is a registered charitable incorporated organisation based in South East London.

The aim of the Foundation is to cater to the physical, educational and developmental needs of young people in London and across the globe.  We also seek to bridge the gap between young people and their local communities by equipping them with the skills to become successful adults and valuable members of society.


The current focus of the charity’s activities is on improving young people’s access to academic materials. We have launched the Southwark Libraries Support Scheme, which has reached out to various primary and secondary schools in Southwark to provide them with free books, learning materials and learning incentives for young people.


We also donate to various other charities, which the trustees consider to have a similar ethos/objective, including Christian Aid, Save the Children, Plan UK and Water Aid.


Gen 22:18 – Through you shall all the nations of the earth be blessed

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